Hey Ya’ll

Taking advise given, I’m gonna share with you via this blog and here’s the beginnin. Hopefully you’ll read and comment too, I’m hoping to make a difference as I write for me and you.

Okay… it’s now 3:15 am and I keep nodding off while struggling to get through the blog set-up process. I’ve finally  finished; YES!

Now I’m ready to begin using this blog as it was intended, to write and I shall write of my struggles and so much more, but right now… Sweet Dreams Ya’ll ***

Southernly: K*Chele

2 thoughts on “Hey Ya’ll

  1. Jerry Biederman says:


    I am so proud of you for opening up like this and sharing your experiences, knowledge, insights, advice to those of us who care about you, and hopefully some good strangers too!

    You are a good writer and I plan to keep up with your life’s story.

    You are unique and a good soul and have so much to offer and so much more living and adventuring to do!

    Let’s not wait for 2010 to reveal itself as a good year. Let’s MAKE IT happen.

    With love and warmest wishes,


    • Kimberly Michele Durham says:

      Thank You seems so little a response, given the wonderful comment you’ve given, but it comes from my heart.
      Thank you for believing in me and seeing what others didn’t.
      We’re gonna make 2010 our year!

      With Love: Kim

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