Beginning Blog Entry

I’m not sure why I finally chose to blog… maybe I think it will help me and you or maybe I’m hoping to get some things off my chest or maybe I really believe it will make a difference; either way I’m gonna see it through. 

I’m often asked for advise and even to interpret dreams from time to time. I usually have the right answers and sometimes ask myself how it’s possible. The truth is my life has been far from easy, in fact it has always been a fight, but eventful. Though I wish things weren’t always difficult, I do appreciate that with struggle comes the unexpected and knowledge. I’ve been blessed throughout my life to be around some wonderful people who have taught me quite a bit; things you cannot learn from a book.

One of my many abilities just happens to be knowing some things and if you are someone who has this ability, you know exactly what I mean. It’s simply knowing something without knowing how you know a lot of the time. I know, sounds crazy, but it’s true and one thing I know, I’m supposed to be writing this.

When you think about it, there are a lot of folks who can give advise or tell you things and most of the time you already knew, but needed to hear it. The confirmation of hearing it ends doubt. Why shouldn’t we trust ourselves or our own instincts? Sometimes it’s simply a way to get things off our chest, but other times due to lack of self-trust; think about that… do you trust you? Hidden point here, if you cannot trust yourself how can others.

This blog will take many twists and turns, that I’m sure of, but hey… that’ll keep it interesting and full of surprises, just like my life.

Southernly: K*Chele

2 thoughts on “Beginning Blog Entry

  1. Mike says:


    Very well written and this taken from above: “if you cannot trust yourself how can others,” is very powerful! I look forward to reading this blog as it grows and think it will be very popular when others begin reading too.

    Happy New Year!

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