NC New Year’s Tradition

The traditional meal eaten on New Year’s Day will always be fussed over between households, but it’s all about your family and the tradition you were raised up with. I was raised in North Carolina with a very southern/country up-bringing and it just ain’t New Year’s Dinner without: 

Pork Roast (health) – Fat Back – Dumplings – Collard Greens (money) – Black Eye Peas (luck) – Corn Bread or Dessert

I’m very lucky to have had a mama who was a great cook, who learned from her mom, which left me a purdy dern good cook myself. I still have and cook in, my granma’s iron fryin pan and pot (used for certain dishes, like collards).

It always makes me feel good to feed people and it’s really good to hear them say how good it is. My real test came when I got married, he’s from up north, not only did I pass that test, but when he ate collards and liked ’em – I knew I had been blessed with the gift to cook (lol).

Though I aspire to have my dream kitchen one day, fully stocked with all the needed tools, the old stuff I have works just fine. To me, food always taste better when it’s prepared with a lot of love and enjoyment.

Pork Roast

Collard Greens
Black Eye Peas

Apple Pie

My kitchen has always been a room that brings people together 🙂

Happy New Year From My Kitchen to Yours: K*Chele

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