Dear Family and Friends

For those who don’t know me and have read my blog, this post will explain the advise given me to start a blog.    

Below is the letter I typed up and sent out with our annual holiday newsletter to our closest family and friends; slightly altered of course. This will be a topic I’ll write on from time to time and therefore I’m placing a photo or two at the end, so you can identify.

Dear Family & Friends:

September 9th 2009 began as any other good day, things were going great and my husband & I had only been home from our fabulous trip to Los Angeles, a week. The night before we had a wonderful business meeting, where we were energized and ready to move forward with ideas laid out over dinner. Little did we know what was in store for us that morning, but soon found out just before lunch.

In keeping with routine, I ventured out in the shop to prepare for lunch, when simply helping my fellow co-worker would turn into a tragedy. He accidently dropped a 250lb axle that landed at full impact onto my left foot, where the big toe and foot join.

Upon leaving the hospital on crutches and overwhelmed with pain, we were looking at a few weeks till recovery. After several weeks and x-rays, it just wasn’t getting better, if anything, worse. I requested to see a specialist thinking there must be a break or fracture that had been missed, but no, not even so much as a crack in the bones. We were about to hear the worst and though I already had an idea, nothing could have prepared either of us for what the doctor was about to say; RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), also known as CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome), had set in my foot.

This is a very tough thing to deal with and isn’t really understood, which makes it all the more difficult. I’m currently entering the more severe stage of stage 2 and still have the worst to come, which is stage 3. We won’t know what will become of this until I’ve gone through all the stages and that’s when we’ll know what I’m left to deal with.

I’m still not walking without crutches and am restricted to working from home, but I’m very blessed to have a husband that truly loves me and many prayers being prayed on my behalf. Depression fights with me and pain torments me, but it could be worse and knowing that, helps me fight harder. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to tell anyone about this, but it’s becoming harder to not. So, I ask you to please understand if I don’t communicate like I normally would or if I’m not exactly myself if we should, please don’t take it personal; this is a tough thing to battle and some days are harder than others.

Thank you for your prayers, emails, letters, cards and generosity, we appreciate it very much!

With Love, Kimberly M Durham


  Though it may look bad, I’m a fighter and very good at applying mind over matter. The brain is a powerful tool and we can control a lot of things on our own. By no means am I saying everyone is capable or that it is always easy, but thankfully, I’m able to handle quite a bit. The days that are tougher, well I’ve learned to rest more and destress.

6 thoughts on “Dear Family and Friends

  1. Arlene says:

    Thank you so much for posting your letter to family and friends. That is something I would like to do myself but I don’t think I’m quite ready.
    I was diagnosed with RSD in my left foot on November 29th this year. I had ankle surgery in September and I knew something wasn’t right. It felt like my foot was going to explode from the pressure. I put all the blame on the plaster cast. I truly believed that was causing me all the pain.
    2 weeks after surgery I was fitted with an aircast, which I’m still wearing. I have a stress fracture now which they said could have been caused by the RSD. ??? I don’t really know.

    How are you now ? Did your foot ever get better? Can you walk on your own?
    Did your RSD spread?

    I’m sorry but I have so many questions.

    Thank you


    • Kimberly Michele Durham says:

      Arlene, first let me say how sorry I am too hear you’ve been diagnosed with RSD. Though difficult, there is hope!
      Please forgive my blog absence, I hadn’t been on here much and missed your comment as a result.

      It’s comforting too know my posts are being read, comments left and questions asked, as that was the sole purpose in my starting the blog… To hopefully, help others.

      I’m mentally stronger, though my foot hasn’t improved and the RSD has spread. I made a bold move April 2013 to begin walking on my own, without the use of a cane I’d been using. I do walk on the outer edge of my left foot, but none the less, am doing so without a crutch or cane.

      Watch this Video:

      “I don’t live with RSD (CRPS), RSD (CRPS) lives with me!” ~K*D

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