Vacation is Over

All good things must come to an end and vacation has done just that, (sigh), came to an end. My husband and I have been taking the last week of the year off, since 2006. The demand at work really doesn’t leave anytime for us to take off and sometimes it’s difficult taking the last week. However, with my foot situation this year, I’ve been doing what work I can from home so it’s been nice having him here. 

The decorations are all put away and the magic of Christmas is no longer felt. Monday morning my husband will return to work and my son to school, leaving me in what will feel an empty house filled with silence. I must admit my dismay and my gratitude for the outlet this blog is providing me. I am however, holding on to the New Year feeling and approaching each day with a positive attitude.

This year’s vacation was extra special in many ways, just as the holidays were and when I really thought about the things that made it so, I was a little surprised; simplicity. The memories made throughout the holidays will be with us forever and the out-pouring of kindness from others, will never be forgotten.

Along with the good, unfortunately comes some bad and let me tell ya… we’ve had our fair share, but I know we’re not alone. The things that bother me the most are the people we didn’t see or here from, the ones we have always been there for, but there again… you really get a reality check when you need people the most.

Anywho, this is the end of vacation and the start of a wonderful New Year 🙂

Southernly: K*Chele

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