The Battle Isn’t Over Because They’re Home

This blog entry will introduce you to my first published book; “The Battle Isn’t Over Because They’re Home… It’s Just The Beginning Of Victory” and at 28 pages, it delivers as I intended. This book was written to be read in an hour or less; what good would the information be if no one had time to read it? Many have stated that it reaches beyond the military and into the lives that protect and serve as well. 

This is an area close to my heart and one that I’m very passionate about as well. I served as Family Readiness Coordinator for seven years and during that time, served as a civilian soldier, while my husband fought twelve months in Iraq.

Being an Army National Guard spouse during a deployment produces it’s own set of challenges in addition to the norm, with the biggest of these… remaining as we were; in our communities. There is no military base environment.

There is a big need in this area and this is a topic I will write about more often than not. I hope you will pick up a copy of my book for yourself or someone else and spread the word. I cover issues and topics to better prepare those here, because the soldier that returns may not be the one who left. You can get a copy on-line at Barnes and Noble.

I know how easy it can be to go on with everyday life and not think about things you personally are not a part of, but should you come across someone who is serving… please, offer a kind word, a thank you and a helping hand. The sacrifice you make in doing so is minimal compared to the one they are making for you; for us.

Thank You to ALL Who Have, Who Are or Will Serve! K*Chele

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