Princess of Pop

Princess of Pop ~ Janet Jackson

   I’m a huge fan of music and movies, love ’em! My collection is huge and more is added every year at Christmas. Of course I love every cd and movie I own, but one of the cd’s unwrapped this year was Janet Jackson – Number Ones. Now loaded on my iPod, the memories and era of these great songs came flooding back. Janet has always been a favorite of mine, just as her brother Michael and I really hope that she is loved, appreciated and recognized while she is still with us. 

   Janet is also very talented on screen. Oh, did I tell you what a big Tyler Perry fan I was? Huge! Love seeing her in Tyler Perry films. She brings a little something special to the roles she takes on and makes them enjoyable to watch.

   The Jackson family has always been under scrutiny and not really given the recognition they should receive. The entire family is talented and has made a place for themselves in history. I just think it’s sad that more attention is placed on everything other than, what is right. It’s very easy to get a negative story ran, but try and get a positive one ran; extremely difficult. However, when we suffer a loss that’s all you hear or see – I think it’s time we let people know how appreciated and loved they are why they are still alive.

   There are a ton of talented female pop artists, but in my opinion Janet Jackson has earned her place in this category and the title Princess of Pop should be reserved for no one else. You cannot think of the 80’s and 90’s without thinking about Janet.

Southernly: K*Chele

3 thoughts on “Princess of Pop

  1. 1naturedoc says:

    I agree. Janet is talented and we should make sure that she knows this. They love the admiration, they must. We love them so much. They guide us, teach us and fill in the empty spots. Much love to ALL the Jacksons.
    Keep the Faith, Heal the World – Forever!

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