Distance Apart

Distance Apart  (Duet)

Written & Revised by: Kimberly Michele Durham ~ 12 January 2010

(there are photos below) 

Verse 1 (man) ~

The call came a little after twelve

Before the holidays

Just when things were going so well

He was hesitant to tell

His wife waiting at home

Knowing she’d be crushed

She didn’t take it so well

Intro Chorus ~

A distance apart and tears in their eyes

They had to be strong

Had to say goodbye

Verse 2 (woman) ~

Thousands of miles – between `em now

Each day they struggle

To keep a smile around

She stays by the phone, hoping it’ll be him when it rings

Hearing his voice – is the only thing

Helping her hold on – while he’s gone

Middle Chorus ~

Distance apart and tears in their eyes

They have to be strong

Have to get by

Duet Outro Chorus ~

Soon they will be together again

Angels have been protecting both of them

The distance between them doesn’t keep `em apart

Their connected with love, true love from the heart

Distance may have forced them apart, but they’re together – in love – forever

Camel Spider  Sleepin in Iraq  Their Barracks Were Bombed

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