Ask Me If I Care

     Well, actually I do care – but there are instances when we all have those, I don’t care moments and some more than others. I’ve spent most of my life giving, volunteering and putting others first and it has always been difficult for me to ask for help. However, there have been times when I needed help and upon gathering the nerve to ask for it, more times than not, was only disappointed and I bet if the question was posed to those – ask me if i care, they would not answer or say no. 

How is it that those we give the most to can so easily turn or ignore us when they are needed in return, if only for something simple? Could it be because they are takers, cons, have good intentions, but nothing more?

Reality is real and I refuse to let others pull me down so far that I become as they are and not care. I may have to fight harder, work harder and struggle more, but in the end I will be stronger and a lot more wiser. So, to all those who don’t care and are too selfish to help those in need, when they have helped and given so much to you – Thank You!

Closing thoughts, be careful who you use, abuse, step on, ignore, turn on – those are bridges that you may later regret burning.

Words May Hurt You, Struggles May Try to Break You, but Neither Can Stop You!

Kimberly Michele Durham

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