Is RSD Living With You

Is RSD living with you?

If so, you’ve probably discovered that information and knowledge is limited – therefore putting an even greater fear in your mind. Let me assure you that you’re not alone, there are others suffering with you and I am one of them. I’ve become very educated with this disease and will be using this blog to reach others, in hopes of helping you cope. 

Four Important Things to Know:

Sleep ~ when insomnia isn’t keeping you up, sleep. The body heals when you’re sleeping and with RSD, its important that you get the sleep your body needs. Aside from sleeping at bedtime, you should take a nap or two during the day, when time allows. Turn off the TV! You don’t want anything to keep you from getting a sound sleep and keeping your subconscious awake. Find a quiet – cool room and get a warm blanket, give your body the extra downtime it needs.

Time ~ though you’re at your wits end, you should be aware and understand now – that RSD is a time disease. There is no set time frame and everyone is different. Understanding it can take a little or a lot of time, will help keep your mind clear of the “how long” worries and stress. Though with time, and this may mean years, you will learn to live a new normal life, it doesn’t mean the RSD will go away.

Stress ~ with everything you have in you, avoid stress as much as possible; it is NOT your friend. Stress wears and tears on healthy folks, so imagine what it does to someone with RSD. It will cause flare-ups, increase pain and mentally drain you. With this disease you don’t need any help in this area (smile).

Brain Power ~ the power of the mind is insane and your BEST friend, especially when you have RSD. With determination and practice, you can learn to control the RSD instead of it always controlling you… thus my saying, “RSD is living with me,” because I’m surely not living with it. With use of “Mind over Matter” and a LITTLE help with meds, you can reach a tolerable pain level.

RSD is a form of torture and with each stage it rips at your emotions, but your best defense is to fight back. Give yourself permission to cry and even scream, from time to time; its okay. If you haven’t already discovered who your real friends are, you will soon and then you’ll know who your support group is. Depending on the area affected, certain daily tasks will be difficult or impossible to do and help will be needed. Use the help offered, if in fact it has been and consider that one of your blessings. Don’t put to much on your family if you can help it, RSD is living with them also and you are going to need them for the duration; being a caregiver isn’t easy and it hurts those who love you to see you go through this.

Feel free to comment or even ask questions if you have any.

K*Chele (kimberly michele durham)

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