Dealing With Change

Sometimes in life we must realize that our current situation is that of an awaking, one of a personal reality check. What are you going through? Where are you in life at this moment? I’ve asked myself these questions and more, over the last several months – to only reach the same conclusion; change is inevitable. 

The question we shouldn’t ask is… Why? We’re not meant to always know the answer to this question and more important, focus needs to be on redirecting ourselves with the new direction we’ve been placed in. Fighting, questioning and avoiding it merely prolongs the unavoidable.

We cannot control another’s actions, nor should we want to or try, but we can control our own. It’s empowering to be in control of oneself and take action in your own life. This will prove valuable in many areas and those who truly care about you will not only surface, but be drawn to you.

I’m rooted in the belief of things happening for a reason, just not a fan of it happening to me; ha… who is? However, when it comes around and it will, embrace it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and those around you; being surprised even, by what you learn. We’re always stronger than we think or give ourselves credit for and personally, I feel greater reward comes from struggles and not what is handed to us. Let me be clear, I do feel you must give back, help others, to fully receive what is due you. Do everything with this phrase in mind, ‘you reap what you sow’ and you’ll be mindful of what you say and do. Always act by doing the right thing and pray for those who hurt you. If you look to others for self gratification you will only be disappointed.

We’re all blessed with talents and we suppress them when we get caught up in self-pity and questioning things beyond our own control. Discover those who have your back and keep them close. Don’t shut out the very people who have been put in your life to help, support and compliment you; what a disservice to yourself.

Learn to take criticism, good and bad, this will help you grow and become the best you can be. Return criticism likewise, mind your tongue when doing so, to help others grow and become their best self.

We’re far from perfect and can learn so much from one another, just as we learn once we shut-up and listen. Before doing and saying anything, always ask yourself this question: how would I react? At the same time, don’t be a doormat! Too often we become a welcome mat for all those who come to know and realize the good natured people we are. This doesn’t do them or you, any favors. If you’re currently a doormat or have been, you’re well aware of the heartache that comes with it. Repeat after me, ‘No More!’ There’s a difference in helping others/giving back and being taken advantage of.

Before accusing someone else, check yourself for error first. At times the problem is within us and if corrected, can change some situations. Everything begins and ends with you. No, things aren’t always easy – what kind of challenge would that be. We grow and change over time, hopefully into better people and sometimes these changes bring heartache, but this too shall pass.

Southernly, K*Chele

2 thoughts on “Dealing With Change

  1. husband says:

    i love my wonderful wife more than anything,she is so talented and gifted to able to express things that are so memorable and profound. if you follow this blog you will be a better person for it.

    your rurnt husband

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