When It All Goes Wrong…

Make It Right.

I’ve travelled many roads throughout my life and most have been tough, lesson learning, heartaches. I’m not complaining, nor have any regrets – they’ve brought me to a place I could have never reached without them. There’s so many who go through struggles and feel hopeless; allow me to be your muse. 

*Don’t look at your situation – Discover the lesson inside
*Don’t make excuses – Find a solution
*Don’t give up – Fight harder
*Don’t blame everyone & everything – Accept, adapt and overcome
*Know that you can get through – Will look back thankful

From June of 2005 to February 2006 I lost thirteen close friends/family members and looking back now, what I was once unsure of, death; I’m now very educated in. You cannot prepare for the emotional feelings of loss, but you can prepare making the process easier. When my mama took her last breath I didn’t think I’d get through it and yes, I miss her everyday, but have memories to make me smile.

*Turn a negative, into a positive
*Just because you feel bad, doesn’t mean you have to look bad
*We all have flaws, so don’t let them hold your attention
*When others take from you, keep giving
*If someone hurts you, forgive
*Should you be out of work, volunteer

In September of 1999 I became a volunteer and have continued to be. No matter what others tell you, there is always a place needing volunteers. Not only has it allowed me to give back and help thousands, it has taught me things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. During my years as a volunteer I’ve been blessed in meeting and making life-long friends and encourage everyone to go out and volunteer; somewhere.

When it all goes wrong… make it right!

Your Muse: K*Chele

2 thoughts on “When It All Goes Wrong…

    • Kimberly Michele Durham says:

      Yes, it was a terrible year and at the time, there were some afraid to remain close to me because I was losing so many; how silly. My husband was just returning from an 18 month Iraq deployment when this started.
      Thank you for reading and sending your support!

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