Lets Go There Casey Anthony Trial Debates

On June 30, 2011 at 1:38pm I began the following ‘Lets Go There Debate’ discussions regarding the Casey Anthony Trial on  Facebook:

Kimberly Michele Durham

Knew she wouldn’t testify!

(name hidden for privacy) The prosecution would tear her apart!!!

(name hidden for privacy) She didn’t testify cuz she’s guilty!

(name hidden for privacy) You must be watching the Casey Anthony trial lol my tv stays on it.

(name hidden for privacy) She doesn’t stand a chance taking the stand….

Kimberly Michele Durham I think she should have to! (ugh)! Would love to see her squirm!!!

(name hidden for privacy) She shows no emotion and takes it all in. That woman is guilty as charged. She makes me sick!!

Kimberly Michele Durham Do any of you believe Mr. Anthony had an affair with River-Cruz?

(name hidden for privacy) Without doubt

Kimberly Michele Durham me too (name hidden for privacy)

(name hidden for privacy) All those people seem messed up lol it would make a hell of a movie.

Kimberly Michele Durham  she on live now …

(name hidden for privacy) she seems nervous lol

Kimberly Michele Durham I believe she’s telling the truth and George should’ve just admitted it

Kimberly Michele Durham

Who’s gonna watch Closing Arguments at 9am in the morning?

(name hidden for privacy) I have had to watch so many trials, that stuff bores me now! Lol as a paralegal student we had to sit in on trials quite often.

Kimberly Michele Durham ah. I only watched this past week, but wish I had watched it all now.

(name hidden for privacy) me.

Kimberly Michele Durham Cool… I’ll have somebody to discuss it with 🙂

(name hidden for privacy)  https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_63445888416&ap=1

Kimberly Michele Durham THANKS! 🙂

(name hidden for privacy)  I am!!! Can’t wait!!

Kimberly Michele Durham

Defense is next…..

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate:
Does anyone believe Caylee drowned?

(name hidden for privacy) NOPE

(name hidden for privacy) Not a chance..

(name hidden for privacy) no

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #2:
Does anyone believe George is involved or guilty?

(name hidden for privacy) Accessory after the fact..

(name hidden for privacy) What he said

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #3:
Does anyone believe the Jury will return a verdict of not guilty?

(name hidden for privacy) ok tell me what ur doing and i will watch allso it sounds like fun

(name hidden for privacy) believe they will find her guilty

(name hidden for privacy) no – she will be found guilty of something.

Kimberly Michele Durham ‎@(name hidden for privacy): The Casey Anthony Trial on HLN

(name hidden for privacy) ummm otay

(name hidden for privacy) Mistrail

(name hidden for privacy) Oh…here we go…Mistrial

(name hidden for privacy) Life in prison

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #4:
Does anyone believe Casey accidentally killed Caylee?

(name hidden for privacy) I do. She gave that baby Xanax and when she went to sleep, she would put the baby in the trunk and go party.
If anyone asked where the baby was, she said Zanny (Xanax) has her.
She had a hard time getting Xanax and researched and made chloroform.
The baby overdosed.
My opinion.

(name hidden for privacy) Still could get convicted of First Degree murder.

Kimberly Michele Durham WOW… I was discussng where she got those names from, while fixing lunch; Zanny (Xanax) makes sense!

Kimberly Michele Durham Ok, I heard during closing that Xanax wasn’t found … Possible Casey was taking them and created the name due to her use?

(name hidden for privacy) Body was in the woods for six months or so.

(name hidden for privacy) How do you get the baby was put in the trunk? I didnt hear that

(name hidden for privacy) They have proof the baby was in the trunk at one time. That’s my theory . .

(name hidden for privacy) Good theory..however the baby died I think Casey is responsible for it.

(name hidden for privacy) for sure she did it.

(name hidden for privacy) I’ve actually missed the past couple of days!! So I feel lost on whats happened

(name hidden for privacy) Go to Headline News – recap is on.

(name hidden for privacy) thanks

Kimberly Michele Durham This is probably gonna cause an uproar, but I’m not so sure she didn’t drown.

(name hidden for privacy) Really..why? and if so why the duct tape and all the lies?

(name hidden for privacy) and also, who do you think was involved in the cover up?

Kimberly Michele Durham I think after the drowning, instead of doing the right/responsible thing, they fell back on what was comfortable and let fear take over…and I think George played a big part in it; just as I believe he slept with the volunteer.

(name hidden for privacy) Well regardless of how she died..there was no remorse shown on Caseys part…what parent could do such a thing? Its just all too sad to think that we live in a world where people can be so cruel and deceiving.

Kimberly Michele Durham I agree, she’s very sick. I would love to interview her!! I really wanted her to testify, but of course that was never gonna happen.

Kimberly Michele Durham ok, the call played from jail (that I hadn’t heard) speaks volumes!!!

(name hidden for privacy) dang I missed it!!

Kimberly Michele Durham

WOW!!!!! ………..

Kimberly Michele Durham If one had only heard Closing Arguments, I gotta believe they’d lean toward George being as guilty if not more.

(name hidden for privacy) I have to agree…

(name hidden for privacy) Yeah, whats up with that?

(name hidden for privacy) I know…WOW!!!

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #5:
Does anyone agree that Mr. Ashton shouldn’t be laughing?

(name hidden for privacy) Rude

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #6:
Does anyone agree that the Judge should punish Mr. Ashton for his gestures, as he did the young man he put in jail for 6 days & fined for his middle finger gesture?

(name hidden for privacy) No cuz I have seen a few gestures from Baez as well so I call it even!

(name hidden for privacy) Not to mention, I think Baez has been extremely disrespectful toward the judge on several occasions.

Kimberly Michele Durham ‎@(name hidden for privacy): You’ve watched the entire trial right?

(name hidden for privacy) Pretty much.

Kimberly Michele Durham

No matter what you believe, you should agree that Baez is doing a great job!

(name hidden for privacy) Yes, he is…

(name hidden for privacy) I told (name hidden for privacy) the same thing!

Kimberly Michele Durham

Judge ain’t playin!!!

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #7:
Does anyone believe the actions (Ashton gestures) (Baez handeling of) of the attorneys will cause a mistrial?

(name hidden for privacy) i do, thought that from the beginning. casey will probably say that she dosent like or want her council also.

Kimberly Michele Durham

Okay, so we’ve got another day of it (sigh)

Kimberly Michele Durham

Nap time …zzzzz’s

Kimberly Michele Durham That was useless (sigh) the whole 30min nap was replay of the trial.

(name hidden for privacy) I know right, I napped between reruns of the trial which is one of the reasons I am wide awake at midnight. I have been watching the whole trial and am awaiting jury’s verdict. I do believe she is beyond guilty but I think she got a raw deal as far as her lawyers. Even have the hubby watching all day today..lol

Kimberly Michele Durham (name hidden for privacy) watched with me today too, in between naps, but he said it was boring (imagine that).

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #8:
If you could ask Casey Anthony any question, what would it be?

(name hidden for privacy) I would get her drunk first then question her hard!

Kimberly Michele Durham LOL… A drunk never lies… LOL

(name hidden for privacy) No filter, right?

(name hidden for privacy) Wouldnt know where to start…cause most likely 99% it wouldnt be the truth anyway!

Kimberly Michele Durham Right, no filter!

Kimberly Michele Durham Theory says (most of the time) they wanna talk/tell their side and that itch begins to grow once trial is over.

(name hidden for privacy) I would ask her if she studied to be a bitch,or if she was just born that way.

(name hidden for privacy) Why did you wait a month before reporting your baby missing. And why were you out partying during that time………..oops thats two questions. I think she is guilty,but I don’t think they will give her the chair. I think she will get life……….

(name hidden for privacy) I would ask the sick bitch “how can you live with yourself?”…but then again, if the jury gets it right, she won’t have to!

Kimberly Michele Durham

COFFEE and trial discussion

Kimberly Michele Durham

‎6hrs until trial resumes … we’ll pick-up our debate discussions then. Nite Nite 🙂

(name hidden for privacy) good luck shugg!!!!

Kimberly Michele Durham ‎(muah) (((hugs)))

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #9:
Does anyone agree that if George really wanted to kill himself, that he would’ve?

(name hidden for privacy) I think alot of people try it but are saved before they succeed.

(name hidden for privacy) Wanting to and actually have the balls to pull it off is two different things. He probably did want to.

(name hidden for privacy) I think he realized that his daughter had killed his grand daughter and it all came crashing down on him and I think the pain was too much to bear and he probably wanted to.

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #10:
Does anyone believe the suicide letter was one of actual intention to take his life? (who writes a 3pg suicide letter?)

(name hidden for privacy) I do.

Kimberly Michele Durham I have to disagree. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a couple friends to suicide 😦 and usually there is no note left at all or one that is brief.

(name hidden for privacy) Some people don’t have the nerve to put a gun in their mouth, some people feel the need to express their feelings to their family.

(name hidden for privacy) Most suicides are a cry for help, not knowing where else to turn…that’s why they say there are many failed attempts. They actually weren’t attempts at all…just people asking for help.

Kimberly Michele Durham

Move for mistrial … Was waiting on that

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #11:
How long do you believe the Jury will deliberate?

(name hidden for privacy) Too damn long. I don’t know what else needs to be said, just decide already lol

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #12:
Call It – Guilty or Not Guilty

(name hidden for privacy) Guilty or something went really wrong

(name hidden for privacy) Not guilty

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #13:
Call It – Life or Death

(name hidden for privacy) Life!

(name hidden for privacy) Life w/o parole.

(name hidden for privacy) Life

(name hidden for privacy) Death the same way her baby girl died ….duct tape and all!!!!

(name hidden for privacy) life w/o parole is best verdict bc then justice will be served; the death penalty would mean years of going through the appeals courts and battling the special interest groups; i agree w penny and the “eye for an eye” policy but we couldn’t be so lucky

(name hidden for privacy) I say “Life” cause I think death is the easy way out!

Kimberly Michele Durham


(name hidden for privacy) Waiting….

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #14;
Considering evidence ONLY… Did the state prove their case without a reasonable doubt?

(name hidden for privacy) No, I don’t feel they did
(name hidden for privacy) I wasn’t impressed

(name hidden for privacy) Nope. Not enough factual points.

(name hidden for privacy) what case r u talkin about? jw?

(name hidden for privacy) ‎^lol ..

Kimberly Michele Durham Casey Anthony Trial

Kimberly Michele Durham Live coverage on HLN

Kimberly Michele Durham

I’ll be away from my TV for most of the afternoon, but I’ll have my phone. PLEASE notify me should they annouce the Jury has reached a verdict today!

(name hidden for privacy) Will do 🙂

Kimberly Michele Durham Thank You!!! 🙂

Kimberly Michele Durham

Jury Dismissed … Deliberation continues at 8:30am tomorrow morning.

(name hidden for privacy) This trial is a distraction from what may be brewing regarding this nation.

Kimberly Michele Durham HLN is the only channel airing it.

(name hidden for privacy) That’s good. Not that it matters–this girl killed her daughter. I am sickened this nation reacts this way.

Kimberly Michele Durham

See Debate #11 and tell me your thoughts!

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #15:
How would you fill out the Verdict Forms?
See the actual forms here… http://bit.ly/lyIwu4


Kimberly Michele Durham

Court in session … Jury deliberation about to resume.

(name hidden for privacy) Keep me posted, I can’t watch at the moment

Kimberly Michele Durham You got it 🙂

Kimberly Michele Durham Jury deliberation has begun

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #16:
FYI Deliberations…
OJ trial – 4 hours, Not Guilty
Scott Peterson – mainly circumstantial evidence – 7 days, Guilty on Death Row.
(fyi via (name hidden for privacy))

Kimberly Michele Durham Susan Vaughan Smith of Union, S.C. was convicted on July 22, 1995, and sentenced to life in prison for murdering her two sons, Michael Daniel Smith, 3, and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith.

Kimberly Michele Durham Casey Anthony Deliberation – 10hrs 40min

Kimberly Michele Durham

Jesus Ortiz

Caylee Anthony's Dad

Jesus on Myspace

Casey Anthony’s MySpace Page can be found by scrolling through his friends…the name is: Caylee is missing – the photo is purple & says: WWW.HelpFindCaylee.com and then randomly changes to photos of Casey & Caylee (however, it’s private, so limited shown).

Kimberly Michele Durham


(name hidden for privacy) what is it

(name hidden for privacy) ‎2:15 we will finally get a verdict!

(name hidden for privacy) its only 1:37 xD

Kimberly Michele Durham Soon as it’s announced by Jury I’ll post, promise 🙂

(name hidden for privacy) k 😀

(name hidden for privacy) I told you Kim I thought it would be quick.

Kimberly Michele Durham yeah, I just knew it’d be today

(name hidden for privacy) It should be quick!!!!!

(name hidden for privacy) so what do you want her to be guilty or not guilty?

(name hidden for privacy) GUILTY……Im sorry but she’s a evil person…..her tears dont mean crap, her actions while everything was going on says alot about her

(name hidden for privacy) ok now i got lold at yesterday but court cases arent my thing what did she do again? killed her kids right?

(name hidden for privacy)OH her daughter was missing and they found her in the woods n they assumed her parents helped her. correct?

(name hidden for privacy) yeah they claimed she drowned in the pool

(name hidden for privacy) she was actin all about me in jail what a tramp, if she didnt want the kid fucking put her up for adoption. hell ida adopted her she was adorable. dead beat mom. id feel blessed to even have a kid. defo guilty

(name hidden for privacy) she doesnt cry for her daughter she cries cause she got caught!!!!

(name hidden for privacy) shes crying because the only ones that believe her are her dumb ass parents

(name hidden for privacy) whyd she do it? cause she couldnt afford a baby sitter due to spending all her money at the bar?

(name hidden for privacy) I dont think she killed her on purpose I think she was using cloraform to put her to sleep and she killed her, then covered it up……

(name hidden for privacy) oh my freakin god! on a child?! you want her to go to sleep feed her benadryl or tylenol pm, you dont smother her with inhalents…

Kimberly Michele Durham

As Verdict is read at 2:15pm I will post as it is given. Folks are filing in to the courtroom now.

(name hidden for privacy) I’m so nervous!!

Kimberly Michele Durham me too!!!

(name hidden for privacy) I’m so excited! I can’t wait .. what channel is it on btw?

Kimberly Michele Durham HLN – 204 on DirectTV
but the local stations will be showing it.

(name hidden for privacy) Oh okay. Thanks! Ill be watching.

(name hidden for privacy) It court officers are standing close to her -guilty. If they are scattered around courtroom- she’s out the back door

Kimberly Michele Durham Interesting …

(name hidden for privacy) Wrong. Doesn’t mean anythingTop of Form

Kimberly Michele Durham

‎3 minutes…

Kimberly Michele Durham

Jury Entering

Kimberly Michele Durham

1st Degree Murder – NOT GUILTY

Kimberly Michele Durham

Aggravated Child Abuse – NOT GUILTY

Kimberly Michele Durham

Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child – NOT GUILTY

Kimberly Michele Durham

Providing False Information to Law Enforcement Officer – GUILTY

(name hidden for privacy) but not found guilty on murder really?!?!?!

(name hidden for privacy) I’m shocked,I thought she would get atleast manslaughter.

Kimberly Michele Durham I knew it had the verdicts already written down.

(name hidden for privacy) this is ridiculous seriously there is going to be real controversy about this for a long time

(name hidden for privacy) depraved indifference should have been put up… fuckin a if she dies in ur care, n u hide her you should go to jail! everyone else who hides a crime does

(name hidden for privacy) even if it was an accident

(name hidden for privacy)the moment u decide to hide it you are 100% guilty

Kimberly Michele Durham

I already had the verdict written down and was correct as you can tell by how fast I posted each.

Kimberly Michele Durham

Sentencing at 9am Thursday.

Kimberly Michele Durham Call it – Time Already Served

(name hidden for privacy) Maybe. 4 counts is a lot though .. maybe another year.

Kimberly Michele Durham

Lets go there debate #Final:
What’s your thoughts on the Verdict?

(name hidden for privacy) Where is the justice for CAYLEE!!!!

(name hidden for privacy) Disgusted, outraged, distraught.

(name hidden for privacy) Just cant believe it!!!!

(name hidden for privacy) W…T…H…?

(name hidden for privacy) She is still going to jail people, relax. Florida did a very poor job of convincing the jurors and myself that she is a murderer. Case was fair. I’m happy

(name hidden for privacy) I had a feeling it was gonna turn out this way, her lawyer threw to much at the jury…..reasonable doubt

(name hidden for privacy) to (name hidden for privacy) i bet it will be time served shes been in almost 3 years

(name hidden for privacy) Yeah she will serve very little time if any. She’s gonna be back on the streets in no time. Which might be worse than jail.

(name hidden for privacy) i think that since she died while at her moms house and her mom hid the death she should be charged. hell if i pushed someone over a railing and they landed where it looked as if they fell down the steps, id go to jail, even if i told them it was an accident but to kill you kid, lie about it, go out dancing while she is rotting and then say IDK what happened. Pathetic

(name hidden for privacy) – (name hidden for privacy) is right .. and (name hidden for privacy) that is also true .. 4 felony counts is a lot though ..

(name hidden for privacy) after time served shell be back out dancin n fuckin guys, put her on house arrest, she’ll prob kill her selfcause she cant go party

(name hidden for privacy) they should atleast make it illegal for her to have any more kids

(name hidden for privacy) ‎4 felony acounts is alot but according to the law that is only 4 years. 1 year for each account. It is ridiculous that people that deserve to get charged don’t but those that don’t do. What is wrong with this world today?

(name hidden for privacy) and i agree she doesn’t deserve the right to have kids

(name hidden for privacy)someone needs to invent a time machine and save that poor girl

(name hidden for privacy) i couldn’t agree more on that fact!

(name hidden for privacy)we need to get a spy on her n like get her to fall in love with him n confess what she did. man this double jeapordy shit is lame, if you confess right after you should go to jail.

(name hidden for privacy) i agree on that one. it is insane that they even let her go!

(name hidden for privacy) i am highly dispeased by this. say do any of you remember that trial where the football players kicked the mexican to death?

(name hidden for privacy) i dont remember that one but i remember the Zarah Baker case

(name hidden for privacy) hmm.. i knew the guys who killed him, n on the stand they were all like”my boys are so nice they are upstanding blah blah blah” but in school it was always ur a fag, shut up you fag, you stupid whore, all because i am gay. ha, there was 6 of them who were there that night and only 2 are in jail, figure that shit out

Kimberly Michele Durham

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the debate discussions. I will be using some of your comments in my article, but without your name to protect your privacy. If you would like your name/city & state used comment on this post with exactly how you’d like it listed.


Kimberly Michele Durham

Definitely COFFEE Time!
My FB, Inbox, Text, Phone and Email have been blowing up over the debate discussions (shew). I’ve had several ask what I really believe and though I’ve shared it with a small few, in an attempt to keep the discussions on FB healthy I’ve kept my beliefs off of here… However, I will include as part of my article.

(name hidden for privacy)  where will your article be posted?

Kimberly Michele Durham I’ll post on here where it can be read when ready 🙂

(name hidden for privacy) cools cant wait to read it

RIP Caylee

2 thoughts on “Lets Go There Casey Anthony Trial Debates

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    HLN to cutback airtime on Nancy Grace, JVM, VP, to help with costs of upcoming CMA lawsuits. HLN is scrambling now that Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all charges except for the lie-charges and HLN is expected to lose millions of dollars in lawsuits against themselves and in the loss of advertising dollars since they were proven to be so very wrong on their reporting on the Casey/Caylee Anthony charges from back in 2008 through today. Wrong on all counts by HLN by all of their reporters for years and years, doesn’t get any worse for a network than that. Perhaps HLN should now consider reporting unbiased and more fair and balanced for a change. Time for Nancy and Jane to return to rehab and Vinnie to get some training on journalism101.

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