Two Years Ago Today

Around 11:45am on 9.9.09, two years ago today, my life changed forever. 

Many ask when seeing me what happened and I try to explain as briefly as I can, due to my being so private.
For those unaware of why I walk with a cane, please read on as I do my best to explain.

While following my normal routine on a job I’d had for several years, I was getting lunch orders for the guys when a coworker asked for my help.
Standing at what was a safe distance he proceeded to pick up the axle he was working on, to place it on jack stands. This axle, with hub assembly attached, weighed more than he could hold and he dropped it.
It landed on my left foot where the big toe and foot join, with incredible force and an estimated weight of 250lbs.
Rushed to the hospital, on crutches 15 months and now a cane, I still cannot put weight on that part of my foot. After being up on my feet for more than 20-30min it begins to swell.
Why didn’t it heal? I was diagnosed with a rare dystrophy caused by trauma, CRPS and as a result, deal with a multitude of problems and pain.

I’ve decided it’s time I share a little of my story to give hope to others and explain what my determination and love for what I do really is.
By now you know what I do and are aware of my company and magazine. What you don’t know is that it’s all done from my recliner with my foot propped on pillows and that I am my team; there’s only me, I have no employees.
My health insurance is outrageous and my responsibility. Why? I was fired from the company I ran for years and so was my husband, who ran this business with me everyday.
We’ve faced and continue to face hardships from all this, but I refuse to give up! This is why I’m sharing this with you…
To let you know every time you book one of my clients, buy a magazine issue, refer me to others, book me for your event and support K*Chele, it’s REALLY appreciated.
Though this tragedy turned my life upside down, it allowed me to do what I love full-time. I had started my company long before any of this happened, but couldn’t afford to lose my income. When you’ve got no income and given no choice, you either give up or fight and I am and will continue to fight.

Around 11:45am on 9.9.09, two years ago today, my life changed forever and I’m thankful for everyone of YOU!

With Love: K*Chele

One thought on “Two Years Ago Today

  1. Whiz says:

    After reading this and looking you up on the web, I was amazed by all you’re doing. Most people would give up and certainly wouldn’t bother helping anyone else. I have been truly inspired and challenged to do more thanks to you and wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. You are a clear explanation of courage and strength.

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