Are You Looking In The Rear View?

Are you looking in the rear view?

Life has been rather eventful lately and sparked the writer within, yet again. There are times when the world seems to be coming down on you, people leaving you, others taking more than they give and on and on. For the most part, there’s not much you can do… but you can always control YOU! 

Ask yourself this question… Am I looking into the rear view or the one being looked at?

If you’re someone who puts others before yourself, you’re the one being looked at in the rear view and if you’re someone concerned more about yourself, you’re the one looking into the rear view.

Most people would never admit out loud, that they’re looking in the rear view and some are so caught up in their own world that they don’t realize it. While looking through the rear view you miss the important things, the fun things, the people who really matter and often find yourself losing the very people you need the most.

Just because everyone else is in a hurry, doesn’t mean you have to be and being in a hurry doesn’t mean you’re going to reach your destination faster. Think of all the big and exciting things that have happened in your life and career this year. Do you believe those happened because of what you did? Or was it the help of others that allowed those moments to enter your life?

Were you in such a hurry that you missed a friend’s tears, a family member in need, maybe you forgot those who helped you obtain the achievement you were rushing to or simply missed the scenery on the way. The world we live in today is all about me – me – me and how quickly another can do for you and people are so quick to speak that they don’t realize they are being caught in their own lies and telling others to do, what they fail to do themselves.

Are you looking in the rear view? If you are, I challenge you to come from behind it and see the world the way those standing in the rear view see it. You may learn to be a better you, realize it’s not all about you, but those who believe in you. You’ll discover the beauty in helping others when everyone else passes them by and hopefully, see what others seen in you all along.

Would you rather be surrounded by those who are using you or those who truly care about you? Don’t let life or career dictate who you become. Don’t be the one looking in the rear view watching everything and everyone fade in the distance; be the one taking it all in.

We’ve all been the one looking in the rear view at some point in our lives and I’m grateful for the struggles that have taught me there’s always someone who needs help, and that sometimes that someone is YOU!

With Love: Kimberly Michele Durham

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