Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Premiere Review

Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Premiere Review

Theatre: Grand 18 – Winston-Salem, NC

Sold out like many others. Oddly the long lines expected weren’t present and we quickly discovered why upon entering the theatre. It was full an hour before Showtime, leaving several of us sitting down front. These have got to be the worst seats I’ve ever sat in and with a cramp in my neck; I now have to go back so I can watch the movie on the entire screen. If you’ve sat in these seats you know what I’m referring to, if you haven’t… you’re looking up and left to right the entire time, with the added dizziness when things on the screen are moving fast. Needless to say, every seat may have been sold, but were not occupied.

Movie: Overall disappointing, but don’t let that discourage you. The movie fills in and builds up to the finale with a lot of the scenes being necessary.

The movie begins with Jacob ripping off his shirt as he phases into his wolf alter ego, angry over Edward and Bella’s upcoming wedding. You’re swept up in the magic and emotions of the wedding, honeymoon and that which follows, to be left wanting more action and scenes.

As they attempt to let you in on what it’s like to hear the wolf pack thoughts, the word cheesy instantly pops in your mind. This scene was overdone and would have served the film better left out or at least kept to a minimum.

Unexpected comedy is welcome and appreciated throughout when you’re not really looking for it, as is the realism of Bella with child and the death that follows birth. The long awaited sex scene will leave a mark and a mess (lol).

Jacob remains faithful to his character, but there’s quite a bond between him and the Cullen’s not seen before. True to character, Edward has a moment of Bella desertion, but the apology from his action leads to a special bonding moment adding to the romance of the film.

Did you stay after the credits? Well if you didn’t, you missed it. As the movie ends with excitement, the after credits surprise gives you a taste of what’s to come and lets you ponder what you think it means. Who exactly is he referring to… could be one of two people, but you’ll have to wait until part 2 comes out to see. While on the subject of exciting cliffhangers and questions answered, Jacob imprints and it’s a very interesting choice; one that will definitely lead to some challenges.

Should you go see the movie, absolutely! Just be sure to go when you can get a good seat.

Written By: K*Chele

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