Mirror Image

Growth and self-discovery is a powerful thing…

Throughout my life I’ve been educated, mislead, inspired, loved, hated, cared for, hurt, fussed at, cussed out, listened to, motivated, remembered, thought of, forgotten, taken advantage of, friended and used. It doesn’t matter which you are, because I’m grateful for all of you. I want you to know that you’ve all contributed, in some way, to my growth; and for that, I thank you!

There’s something special about being able to learn from the bad in life, while holding onto the good. It’s taught me to be a better person and do the right thing, when at times all I wanted to do was get even. Turning 40 shifted my thought process and how I look at things, making these core values within myself, more prominent. I’ve never been one to roll-over, but have always been one to take a lot and yes, there’s a difference.

I’m that person that forgives, but never forgets. So, whether it was the smallest act of kindness or the meanest thing, I don’t forget it. Forgiving is a healthy must, but forgetting is dangerous and sure to land you in a situation where you suddenly remember.

During a conversation with a friend a couple months ago, I learned how she’d written down all the things that she had done wrong and how hard it was to… basically call yourself out. What a challenge, I thought. How many relationships would survive and grow, love and otherwise, if everyone did this? It surely wouldn’t be a quick process where you jot down a few things and call it done. You’d have to have really look at yourself and write down all the toxic things that have and are, ruining relationships in your life.

You’ve got to really know and love yourself before you can expect others to love and understand you. Take all the lessons in life for what they are – self-education, rather than dismissing them. Learn to listen more than you speak and you’ll be amazed at what you learn. Don’t waste time dwelling on things you cannot change, instead focus on doing better and being a better person. And take a look in the mirror to see what others see.

K*D ~ Kimberly Michele Durham

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