Reply to Anonymous…

29 Apr

Dear Anonymous:

I’ve read your letter and given it a lot of thought. Though I cannot be certain who you are, or who/what you’re referring to, I have a good idea. Your choice to write, send, and hide behind the letter I received, is yours.
I’ll not apologize for things you’ve heard, or that you assume. I will however, apologize for your having been mislead. Which is obvious after reading your letter.

Life comes with many challenges and struggles, good times and bad, ups and downs, parties and celebrations, hurt and pain, grief and loss. And though different for everyone, we must each carve out our own path, and gain our own strength.
It’s not our job to judge, nor is it our place. Some choose to move forward, letting the future write itself. While others allow the past to define them.

We must decide for ourselves how we want to be perceived, and given the context of your letter… You’ve chosen to base your opinion on something you’ve been told, rather than something you actually know.
I don’t fault you for that, and don’t have an opinion towards the source from which the info came; because clearly it’s an issue within them.

Those who’ve been around me and gotten to know me, are aware of my genuine, positive, attitude, and my love for helping others.
If someone is bothered by my not being able to give, other than myself, that’s a red flag waving and screaming… “I’m not interested in YOU, but interested in what you can do for me!”

Thank you for taking the time out of your day, to tell me about myself and the issues I have. Apparently my activities are more important to others, than I thought.

Signed: The Bleacher Girl – aka K*Chele



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