Wake Up

There’s something to be said for those who genuinely love you, want you to succeed, and bring you joy and laughter.

Truth is, most do it cause they don’t want another to see or feel the pain, and loneliness they feel.

Sad part, most are simply searching for a true friend, just one, that will allow them to be themselves without judgement and without the, I don’t have time for you until I need you, BS.

Why is it that once these people are gone, (natural or otherwise), how much they were loved, how much they’ll be missed, why didn’t I see it or what could I have done, comes gushing out?

How about this… Stop being self absorbed and let those people know while they’re alive, instead of waiting until they’ve gone on.

We all have busy lives, face struggles, and deal with things not known by others, but if they can find time to help you, bring you joy, laughter, and let you know you’re loved, then why can’t you reciprocate? Or better yet, keep your self absorbed ass away from them to begin with and save them the hurt?

How often does someone come into your life and make an impact? How often have you turned away from them when they needed you and you knew it?

I believe we encounter a certain amount of difficulty as a part of growing, and to also learn who is truly real with us.
Sometimes the answers are hard to bear and find there way hiding behind giving and spreading joy.

Take inventory of your life and those in it… Those on the short list, I bet are the very ones you were comfortable putting aside, and yet are the ones who need you most.

Southernly: K*Chele

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