“She Said”

“You can do it”, she said I can,
With a few words and a pen in hand

“You’re full of vision, inspiring too”,
Recalling how she believed in what I could do

“Unique you are”, she shouted from afar,
You’ve just got to be sure it flows from your heart

Though my minds doubt, fought with what my heart believed,
She’d motivated, and convinced me

This I can do, should, and will,
Write and tell my story,
till alas its revealed

She said these things and so much more,
Always pushing,
through many strong doors

True to her I’ll forever be,
Why? You ask…
‘Cause she is me.

Written by: K*Chele
Kimberly Michele Durham

4 thoughts on ““She Said”

  1. Abby says:

    I am such a huge fan of yours! All that you do in fact, but especially the things you’ve written. Please share more of your writing! I read an article that you are writing a book and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival!

    • Kimberly Michele Durham says:

      Awww… Thank you SO much!!! As with most writers, well at least me (lol), I’m my own worst critic and tend to overthink my work. So it’s always great hearing feedback; I’ll do my best to share my writings more often 🙂
      Yep, I’m writing a book (shew!) and hope to have it completed soon.

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