Princess of Pop

Princess of Pop ~ Janet Jackson

   I’m a huge fan of music and movies, love ’em! My collection is huge and more is added every year at Christmas. Of course I love every cd and movie I own, but one of the cd’s unwrapped this year was Janet Jackson – Number Ones. Now loaded on my iPod, the memories and era of these great songs came flooding back. Janet has always been a favorite of mine, just as her brother Michael and I really hope that she is loved, appreciated and recognized while she is still with us.  Continue reading

Lord Give Me A Sign

This post is a little different, there are lyrics below to a great song that continues to inspire me and remind me of what I need to do when things get tough. I know it’s only six days into the New Year, but I received what some call, a kick in the teeth today, my heart was broken and I allowed my joy to be stolen.  Continue reading