GRAMMY Advocacy

District Advocate Day, Oct. 18, 2017, was a success, and being the only person registered for this District, it was especially important that I not only showed up, but that I was prepared.

My meeting with Rep. Virginia Foxx held Thursday, Oct 19th to better accommodate her schedule, went very well, capturing her attention, and causing her to take note of our concerns.

The letter received following our meeting is encouraging, and assures that she can be counted on.

I’m extremely proud to represent my district and be an advocate for something I’m so passionate about, music.


Ask Me If I Care

     Well, actually I do care – but there are instances when we all have those, I don’t care moments and some more than others. I’ve spent most of my life giving, volunteering and putting others first and it has always been difficult for me to ask for help. However, there have been times when I needed help and upon gathering the nerve to ask for it, more times than not, was only disappointed and I bet if the question was posed to those – ask me if i care, they would not answer or say no.  Continue reading

The Battle Isn’t Over Because They’re Home

This blog entry will introduce you to my first published book; “The Battle Isn’t Over Because They’re Home… It’s Just The Beginning Of Victory” and at 28 pages, it delivers as I intended. This book was written to be read in an hour or less; what good would the information be if no one had time to read it? Many have stated that it reaches beyond the military and into the lives that protect and serve as well.  Continue reading