Wake Up

There’s something to be said for those who genuinely love you, want you to succeed, and bring you joy and laughter.

Truth is, most do it cause they don’t want another to see or feel the pain, and loneliness they feel.

Sad part, most are simply searching for a true friend, just one, that will allow them to be themselves without judgement and without the, I don’t have time for you until I need you, BS.

Why is it that once these people are gone, (natural or otherwise), how much they were loved, how much they’ll be missed, why didn’t I see it or what could I have done, comes gushing out?
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Open Your Eyes

When you can’t see what’s in front of you slipping away, that, is indeed a sad day.

More and more we struggle with things we have. Meaning, we forget their importance and how quickly they can be removed. Wether by fate, tragedy, or choosing of their own. Once they’ve moved beyond our grasp, there is an unlikely chance, to get them back.

Open your eyes to all that is, truly, important. Those things you have failed to see, due to day to day blindness, selfishness, or mere lack of regard. Realizing those things that once were, may never be again, if you choose to neglect because you can.


No Longer Afraid

Why do we love so hard, only to allow tragedy to pull us apart? Why do we keep ourselves so busy, that we miss or ignore what’s important? Is it so we don’t have to be honest, face the truth… Most likely. I’ve allowed fear of disappointment, in certain situations, to control my true feelings; because the times I have spoken them, well – it didn’t turn out so well.

We’ve all got a past and at one time or another felt the sting of pain; at least I have. My greatest joy, (giving, helping and loving others), has always been my greatest heartbreak. Truth is, we travel a path that will carry us as far away from the hurt as possible, only to have it catch up to us. And when it does, man does it strike with a vengeance.

September the 9th of 2009, had more in store for me than I could have ever prepared for. Although, I must admit, this was no different than any other time in my life; only this time would prove to be tough and a blessing. The tragedy of that faithful day led to my life changing forever and turned my world upside down.

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