Is RSD Living With You

Is RSD living with you?

If so, you’ve probably discovered that information and knowledge is limited – therefore putting an even greater fear in your mind. Let me assure you that you’re not alone, there are others suffering with you and I am one of them. I’ve become very educated with this disease and will be using this blog to reach others, in hopes of helping you cope.  Continue reading

Informing Toyota Consumers

For Immediate Release 

Informing Toyota Consumers

Neutrally Speaking, Turn the Key of Worry Off

Consumers should be aware of options should they find themselves speeding along without control of their vehicle. Being an informed consumer eliminates fear, worry and/or questions of what do I do if. With heightened press regarding entrapment of accelerator pedals in certain Toyota models there has been little to no mention of what consumers can do, should this happen to them while driving.   Continue reading