Wake Up

There’s something to be said for those who genuinely love you, want you to succeed, and bring you joy and laughter.

Truth is, most do it cause they don’t want another to see or feel the pain, and loneliness they feel.

Sad part, most are simply searching for a true friend, just one, that will allow them to be themselves without judgement and without the, I don’t have time for you until I need you, BS.

Why is it that once these people are gone, (natural or otherwise), how much they were loved, how much they’ll be missed, why didn’t I see it or what could I have done, comes gushing out?
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Is RSD Living With You

Is RSD living with you?

If so, you’ve probably discovered that information and knowledge is limited – therefore putting an even greater fear in your mind. Let me assure you that you’re not alone, there are others suffering with you and I am one of them. I’ve become very educated with this disease and will be using this blog to reach others, in hopes of helping you cope.  Continue reading

Ask Me If I Care

     Well, actually I do care – but there are instances when we all have those, I don’t care moments and some more than others. I’ve spent most of my life giving, volunteering and putting others first and it has always been difficult for me to ask for help. However, there have been times when I needed help and upon gathering the nerve to ask for it, more times than not, was only disappointed and I bet if the question was posed to those – ask me if i care, they would not answer or say no.  Continue reading